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Thaumitan Crown

I become the dual God, the one devoid of names
I offer to thee the pledge of serpents
This union shall be dissolved by the wreck of rivals
To wear their skin as a crown of Thaumitan horns and acquire the devil's emeralds
The quintessence of Ur Kaos manifests as Satan, the grand destroyer, the opponent of all that is not Naught, the master of ceaseless wholeness
I manifest as Moloch the king whose fires are searing the children of cosmos
And the abyss of the black universe exalts godhood lone
I am Heading towards the origin of the end, which is the end of the origin
Into the obscure pearl and death everlasting
The eerie breeze I sense but the void I beseech
??? Azerate1, absolution and liberation into the infinite hollowness is nigh
Abhorrence of demiurgic vibrations, the passage against the grace of the deceptive idol will divulge the malign shadow of the hidden God
To uncover union with the hallowed Ain
Releasing the threefold fires of the revered torch
Gathering the darkened shades to the pathway of sovereignty I adore the seance as I reach the dominion of Sitra Achra
And I offer the sinister sparks of light to the boundless womb
With the lament of the deceitful gods I indulge my lust and their blood is the wine of my descendants
I possess the superior crown and I observe that His empire is imminent
With pride I witness the Kingdom of the antiuniverse
Awaiting the last command of the Eleven
Until I am nebulous but divine
And I swear the oath to the singular noble lord that mortals call Satan
That with my final gasp I will transfer His dominion back into the stillness of Tehomoth
  • 1. here something in a different alphabet it written, but I don't know how it's called and can't make it out on the scan I have available: nor can I really figure it out for sure by listening, but it seems to consist of 'Azerate' (like in track 09 where also the same script is used for that) and something else before that

Litany of Moloch's Feast

Smoke from the Valley of Hinnom, sepulchral fog, my astral aliment
The earth ruins, Topher becomes the purgatory
Cleansing the offspring before the throne of Lord
Awaiting His plea adored
Satanaamah, my reincarnation transmutes to dust
Crimson void calls, the ending lusts
I soar towards the realm of Sathanas with death as my crown
Father Moloch burned my skin this dawn
Thou shalt not stare at the repugnant race of clay
Comsuming consciousness for the Devil's reign sway
Dictating my black flame for His dominion is near
Above Samadhi my revelation seer

Stirring the Ancient Waters

Tiamat, weave the fabric of dreams with the webs of Arachnidia
Absu, sleep the soundless sleep of peace and undisturbed purity
Hubur, silence the traitors' cry that breaks the churning symphony
Kingu, blow in our veins the Avening Spirit of the Other Light
I am That which was and That which yet shall be
I lurk beyond the borders of the black seas
Our universe intermingled in annihilating currents of negative existence
Awake to reality by re-membering the Body of the Dragon
Open the Gates of Tohu so that the energies of Azerate1 are communicated beyond universe A
Thee I invoke Mighty emanations, Upholders of the most high lineage of Royal Blood, Eleven Crowners of Holy Doom
Eleven triumphant emissaries of Tiamat
Io Mushmahhu, Ushumgallu, Bashmu, Mushussu, Lahmu, Ugallu, Uridimmu, Girtablullu, Umu Dagrutu, Kulullu, Kusarikku!
Sucking dry the manipura of creation
The tablets of destiny unfold in sigillic patterns,
opening the locks to the records of Qoph Nia
they open the portals never entered by cosmic filth's kin
Nar Mattaru labyrinths, Reptilian brain's map,
eld glyphs of the Elders in magic squares shifting
bound in Kingu's Armour forever!!!
Predatory fangs of the Shadow Ones
canalise the harvested essence.
Black liquid coagulates in the astral blood pool
Journeying through the oceans of outer space,
with the wings of Mummu we dream backwards
of ancient ways and dissolving paths

Ominous Visions of Nod

Ain divine voidness
Undivided is my holy beinglessness
I enter the chamber with your sigils in my heart
May the glow of my black flame depart
Chaos, emptiness, darkness
I am nothing and everything as Qayin harvests
A hallowed antiexistence heartless
The spark of Samael's madness
Forever, I shall damn the race of Adam
The doom of all the hylic sadden
Qalmana chants the fate of Kelimat's murk
Primordial witchcraft awakens by the sinister mark
Sheol sacrifice the bloodline offered
For the Dark Gods, Abel Kelimat slaughtered
Burning blood boils in the cauldron of Sitra Ahra
Black Light enters pretense penumbra
East of Eden, sacrosanct lane
For death and gnosis, victorious slain
Pneumatic freedom, the chains of demiurge shatter
Unbound and unrestrained from archon's incarceration
Enoch nascent, guild of transmission
The elect seed of Satan, first Shaman apparition
The Watchers fall , their flames yearn for Naamah's demons
Delusive empires faded, glory of draconian lavas

Satariel's Grail

Time is swallowed by the jaws of Apophis and gestates in its pregnant belly
Entranced by the secretions of its Mother's Cup
It dances drunk with the broth of insatiable ecstasy
May the blessed Man of Satan utilise the Weapons of Divine Lilith
And may the Scarlet Shakti swirl through the Mad Dance of Samael (transmitting Mercurial Darkness)
Open the Door in Daath in the Name of Zamradiel
Walk the paved path of the Primal Lovers
Hark, for by imbibing the elixir of Bipolarisation
You shall be caressed by the gentle touch of Choronzon
And shall be led to the outer reaches of the Spheres
The Secret of Magic shall be known to those who encounter the Wrathfull Splendour of the horned Knight.
Underneath His iron Armour hides the essence of Death, below His piercing Helmet is paralyzing fear, the mystery of non-being.
I fall in the cold chasms sucked by the Voids
Chocking on absurdity I disintegrate, as repressions are encountered
Changing the energetic flow of my astral vessel, I call upon my Opposite Otherness and follow the call of the Black Tower
Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
The cloacked Messengers beckon for the Pact to be signed
Conceiled are the riches below the desert to those with a pumping heart.
For none shall pass or witness the spheres of Saturn unless Shugal's jaws tear asunder the cosmic vitality of their inmost essence.
So I let Lucifuge Rofocale erase my name from the book of Life and emerge reborn in the City of the Pyramids, where Dragons Fly above the sands
Contemplate upon the state that the Tyrant has imposed through his envious malice and drink from the Fires of Sheol Ha Tehom,
Taste the Ecstasy of Unified Completeness, free and liberated.
Breaking the shackles of Cosmos we banish the spells of the Enslaver
we shall rise to Curse and Break the spells of Archonic Illusion

Damnation's Bells

Storm winds silence the chatter of the Nephesh
Flying to the voids defiant
Bohu is the Key beyond the endless Sea
Attaining the Powers of Chaigidel
Countless are the Eyes swarm of buzzing flies
Gathering in lawless deathened Wings
Thoughtless Night imposed, banishing the Cause
Eating the Light of Jevova
Burn! Ye Fires of Beelzebuth!
Shine! Evening's Star emergent!
Bells of Damnation
Consuming all the crops of the sephirothic forms
Open up the hungry Chasms of Ghagiel!
mind is lava churning as Damnation's Bells are turning the angles to the Tower of Emptiness
Are turning the angles to the Tower of Emptiness
Eastern Light casts the Hinderers of Purity upon the angles of the elevenfold Star
Shattered mask emerges as the two forked tongue upsurges
Faeces turn to Gold through the Neither-Neither
Wrathful priests are chanting in feasts
Uttering the Logos of the Thoughtless Ain
Reddened is their gaze, Blackened are the flames
A step outside the Circle, leading to the void
The winds are blowing, the seas are drowning
The weels are turning, Mind is burning
Flesh is reeking, flies are feasting
Soul's death tempest, reason's blade breaker
Arch perversor, Omnitempter
Grand Heresiarch, Great Destroyer

The Northern Portal

'Blessed be Belial for His sinful purpose and may he be worshiped for His wicked rule!
Blessed be all the spirits of His company for their ungodly purpose and may they be elevated for all their service of uncleanness'
I was spawned forth from the void to blacken Michael's skies and deify holy silence, Shekinah's demise
As I crave for ceaseless liberation, Matanbuchus rises
I am the unhallowed nations of vanity from the profound realm of Satan crowned
My ancient nimbus devolves daimonic seance of Ain
Through Melchiresa's crypt, channel of death divine
Revered black flames I preserve to damn the sham god's shrine
The lord of mankind to evoke, abolishing the deception of time
Upon the fire chariot I blaspheme the opfers of Black Light
Wings of perpetuity carry me to the Northern Throne's blight
Eighty legions will ascend and pierce the stellar nets,
At the axis of anticosmos the black sun sets
The omnipotent King I invoke, Azoth's guardian, master of earth, God Scorpion
His prana will seal the void in my heart, coronation of Vindex I become
Union with the Abyss I beseech, Tehom's absorption, Sathanas I reach
I have arrived to this world to eliminate deception and merge all worlds into none, Tiamat's redemption
Sulfurous commander, inducer of souls' cremation may Thy Light exalt me into your dominion and bestow upon me the sanction as Thy apprentice
Allegiance to Him, Belial, whose name inspirits my essence with the force of culling and consumes the pashu-bhava

Incineration Initiator

The all-permeating eye awakens under echoing chants
While its horn, it's crescent apex, integrates with Naught
While it drips its noxious nectar into the stillness of Ain
So that Ain weeps it back, distilled, as drakomorphosis' catalyst
From Nahe-mantric trance, intoxicated by veneration,
To the sulfurescent eminence of Sathanatos' throne
Cursing formulas unravel the helix of the thousand eyes
Leading to the sovereign crown of Chavajoth
Oh Satan, bestow upon me Thy regal sword to wield
The very blade that branded me as nemesis
Against the mockery of the thought-foul usurper
The one that dared bedim thy Light Divine
And how else would I welcome thy Gift,
Save for in delirious exaltation and reverence?
As I incarnadine its edge with thy enemies' blood
To peel the crumbling mask of the utopian slumber
Pyrorgasmic tongues refine my pneuma to elevation
To coruscate, reflecting the Sun above all suns
And igniting thy primordial eternal beacons
With the harvested opfers to serve as kindling
Silence's purity embraces their despondent shrieks,
As the diss-archonic notes of a maleficent sonnet.
The stench of their conflagrant tomb becomes the incense
And its smoke the impetus towards the acosmic revolt
The dawn of thy unequivocal reign draws near
For Shevirat ha-Kelim beseeches completion
When the shards of the constricting three shall fall
Like hail upon the ruins of their lethargic eden
Atah Gibor Le-ohlam Satan

The Sloughed Scales of Seperation

How did it come to pass
That Thine call met my ear?
A roar shot forth before the dawn of Time
Piercing the veils once spun
in the war between hope and fear
When stars where fixed and Nothingness defined

But within the grisly cavern, that horrid blackened tomb
Buried was the word unuttered, Sophia's fallen stone
Encircled by the Viper, who's secret is but its dread
For its venom is the elixir and the diamond is its egg

O terrible glamour! O alluring devilish fruit!
That has grown from the tree, which crown is its root
And sprung from Thine holy body, and watered by Thine holy blood
That we all might become as foolish as the gods

How did it come to pass
That the moon rose from the Sea?
And Death dressed itself as a beauteous bride
Who is paradox perfected
Curled in the greatest of mystery
As She's born into that which She defies

So I set to search upon the wildest of all trails
The old serpent's back, that leads to the Abysmal grail
Yet the riddle was cast between the without and the within
For where does the tail end and the hungering fangs begin?

Thine twisted shape bewilders, in constant flux and swirls
And the endlessness of the ocean conceal an unseen pearl
That shall engulf the seeker, like the moth within the flame
For the caller and the called was all but the same