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Aloft Awaiting (Affairs Of Heirs)

They circle about continuously
Watching the carcass decay
Awaiting the eventual demise
Grabbing up whatever they can
Each abiding their own time
So each day passing by
Wishing and waiting, hoping
One by one the ritual goes on
Feeding frenzy found frequent*
Every falling, an opponent done
Until the last one circles alone
Awaiting the final result
The great prize for predation
A world without concerns
Alone, empty, and waning

Fanciful Fairies

Dancing as though fairies
In the day's dying light
Celebration in golden yellows
The grass guilded in splendor
They dance about in rhythms
Pulsating plumed particulates
Orbiting in a shared attraction
Positive and negative reactions
Nucleic actions in opposition
The universal energy dynamic
Such magnificence adorned
In sparking webbed garlands
Shining beneath soothing sun
Simplicity in such complexity
Savoring serenely the composition
The gleaming rays dance about
A glistening carpet glows on all
The earth forgets the season
For a short interlude glorious
A regally brillant buzzing ball
But then anon reclaims itself
When the sun saunters off
To awaken afar another world
Slumbering here, cooling still
Frigid breezes rapid return
The blues and greys arrive
They spill over and out
Darkness fills the wispy air
And winter again reclaims
It's rightful rigid royal throne
Monarch of the meager months

Dawning Doldrum

In each night's shadow
And the peering morn
In dark and silent hours
Lies a world of reckoning
Where deeds undone
Perchance yet unnamed
Come for reconciliation
Phantom dispositions
Deep in the chasms
The depths of uncertainties
Where mortal limits lack
Where no solutions lie
No resolutions await
Feeling a forlorn loss
Inspecific, perhaps inane
Never yet to know
A land of broken dreams
Awakening dissolves
Dissipating an escape
Erasing an answer
How could death be so bad
If sleep is so desired
Though evading its clutches
To find one last answer
Defeating a reconcilation
A wonderment to return
From a realm surreal
To a kingdom of real
Deemed to be the best
And so too unknown
Why is eternal peace
So duly dreaded
The transience of life
Is unmistakable
Suffering ended
In a single gasp
The pains, the sorrows
Ceasing in ambiguity
Anonymity's featureless
And timeless realm

The Standard's Silence

Beneath the nation's standard
In silent shared reverence
Intimate moments shared
Its snapping, spinning furls
Swept by breeze's broom
The slipping and popping
A respectful reserved rapport
To touch the lightened mast
A moment's tactile communing
Reaffirming those reasons
Of their sacrifices made
That stay in every breath
Even in the banner's lull
In every shine or shower
Symbol of freedom's might
That cannot be destroyed
The fleeting misunderstand
Beyond the ignorance of man
Beyond the shadow of tyrants
Of hatred's choking blanket
And the shrouds of genocide
Yes, even in smiles or sorrow
Or chronic aches and pains
Through trials and tribulations
And on that final rite's salute
Cloaked in farewell parting
Earned by those who once were
And always will ever be
Freedom always reigns

No Man's Land

Strewn about a pock-marked land
Snaking, divots, craters kept
As if immense doodle bugs been
Their lairs of dark dire doom
Filled and smoothed with time
Trenchlines they once were
Now only rusty fragments lie
Such important evidentary lines
Created by casted earth and bunkers
The once mud-laden soil abounding
Where vermin and stench stayed
Friend and foe fragmented, fallen
Now sleep beneath a thick pall
A green carpet that mutes all
Trees now shadow emptiness
Once clear cut grazing fire
Their scions stomped in by men
The grim reader's full harvest
Brutal war ensures a bounty
The blood and tear soaked earth
Cold, wet earth, known unkind
No more armed rapport
Nor the ground aerated by shell
Turned by bursting plowshare
Deep furrows no more
Nor cries, moans, or sweat
Now everything is but silence
All hostile priorities forgotten
Here lost in no man's land

Christmas Kept

In a far away world
A world of continuing war
In darkness sentinels stood watch
A daily routine of conflict
A basecamp clearing manmade
Beyond it's embattlements lie
Fields of rice in patterned plots
The jungle canopy surrounding
The silent starry heavens above
A full moon, crystal clear
Any sound penetrates the silence
No voices heard, a position to betray
This little realm tenuous
As are the makings of men
The day will soon come
When all so great will be gone
Watching in the darkness
Amid the ilusionary flashes
The images constructed in shadows
There appears one that is familiar
Looking intently, at comrades
As if to verify it is real
That sick stomach feeling comes
We prepare for war
Readied are the tubes for firing
Flares that skid and phwomp up
Their starry trail as if a comet
Exposing often a multitude
As if an army of malevent ants
Intent on total destruction
Quietly, silently we hunker down
Hidden amidst the terrain
This probing figure ever closer
Awaiting as if a spider for the kill
To come into lethal range
The moon reflects in brilliance
Upon the paddy surface
Broken only by the dikes framing
We know it's Christmas
The calendar says it's so
There are no bright lights
Save the moon and stars
No Santas, no laughter or song
No family, nor presents wrapped
We try to forget and endure
So as not to cry in melancholia
Tears only serve to blur the lines
To sight a weapon they must be clear
We are very close to one another
A militant family of opposition
But where compassion is favoured
Amidst it's variant ages and ranks
All so very close, in all things
Torn apart in time, never to recall
Hesitant to kill on this night
Moments seem to last forever
Assessing the purpose of this incursion
We all know a second means eternity
Slain without further thoughts or regrets
For our enemy would surely kill us
And we must survive,
Not knowing always why
The shadow moving as if a spectre
Perhaps a troubled soul approaches
Directly upon my firing position
There are two of us in this hole
God watches his angels attentively
A younger troop would kill in fear
The mistakes learned give life
Behold, a woman peasantly plain appears
A meager, unmenacing mamasan
Carrying a wrapped bundle
A parcel of destruction? Negative.
Behold a packet of sweets to share
Missionaries merits enacted so
Amid the blued foliage of night
A spirit of heaven's giving appears
Bringing hope and happiness
Wretched souls reconciled
By the humble act of humanity
In the arms of devastation
Smiles, embraces, tears
Salvation given if only briefly
A moment enduring in every breath
For those who survived
For those who still feel the sorrow
Mamasan still lives on

Sunny Winter Days

On shining silvery waters
The sun's mirrored light
An image of brilliance
Overwhelming winter's grey
Sullied days cold cast
The stirring warmth of day
Gives way to night's icey hand
A firey twilight signaled so
A frozen blanket overtakes
The greenery drouzily dormant
Berries branches, the stores
For hard, bitter days ahead
Daily drudgery to survive
The months beneath the snow
Where grey and white reign
Knowing spring is not for all
But the sun may someday return
Energizing the rebirth of life
Sleepy buds await the end
Dreaming on barren branches
Of the sunny winter days

Ebbing End - Silent Farewell

He lies upon the ground
In crumpled disarray
I straighten his legs
That he might walk
His arms, untwisting
That he would wave
The dirt from his brow
That he could see
Closely, quietly knelt
But not a breath to hear
Nor a blink of the eyes
Just staring at the sky
Such a small hole
But from it flowed life
An exit wound where
His soul, it escaped
So small a projectile
So great its devastation
How can hatred and steel
Cheat a man so swiftly of years
Men affirm their lives
By taking those of others
This separation of the mundane
A share of the fragility of existance
A side of men reckoned
It shall swim in intoxication
There is a price to be paid
For the concilation of this guilt
In youth's ignorance it sleeps
To awaken in maturing silent days
When friends and family found
Are recognized in solitude
The sins and sorrows of youth
Are visited on the seasoned soul
Youth are bound by intense emotion
The venerable haunted by foolish reason
Suffering is a facet of living
But living doesn't certify suffering
Only the tides ebbing flow
That stills amid spring and neap
Where sanguinous pulsing ends
And incorruption overtakes us all

Little Sulphur Butterfly

And off it flys fickle
Darting to and froe
In marvelous movements
As if a tiny trained trickle
Of water, determined destination
Gravity's drawing design
Upon a pebble-piled beach
A denizen in a specific sphere
Where the blue touches green
Flittering, flickering about
As if in aimless anarchy
Upon a meandering mission
Sipping nectar systematically
Through a siphoning straw
As if terribly intoxicated
On the wayward wing
Fluttering, flittering continuously
On its dainty delicate course
It's a thankless, thirsty life
For a little Sulphur Butterfly

A Tyrant's Send Off

Great leaders of men
We swear by them
And even at them
We live under
And with them
And when they die
In pomp and circumstance
We send them off
As if to justify
Our yearning, and earning
They miss their farewell
A great procession
The final confirmation
Of our sacrifices, and suffering
Shuddering after it all
Where are the tears?
Where is the wailing?
Only somber numbness
Even the sun sighs
And birds do not sing
We hide them away
In marble and stone
As if shame found us out
As though life is lessened
Knowing an inescapable truth
When their shadows cast
Is no more so very long
When their redirect ceases
It's time to fly the banners
And take the trash away