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Ww Ww

Wasted Refuse

They sit in shiftless staring
A life lived day by day
No direction, nor later caring
To survive any idle way
Waiting as if a nestling
Hand out, wants obliged
No inspirations wrestling
Victimization - contrived
Expected entitled, getting fried
Such a vainly vacuous life
Contributing nothing in pride
The wastes of vicious strife
Yet nothing more than landfill
Until their discarding end
Providing scraps for the trashhill
Wasted refuse, no space to contend

The Nights Are Mine

The nights, they are mine
When the world settles to sleep
And the darkness dons its cloak
Quieting the distant daily din
Silent, steady, secret solice
No bureaucracy is calling
Glare of streaming screens
Posts tumbling into troubles
The whims of faceless men
Intentions veiled presentation
A clamour of vagrant voices
Banter boisterous and bold
Preaching prevarications
Of lives never truly lived
Drinks and drugs draining
The night's neon-dotted blanket
Contrasted in the glint of stars
In the glow of civilized light
It illuminates actions taken
While so many others slumber
Quiet, calm, time kept alone
Searching the shadowed silence
Stealth and steady in a world
Where most men fear to tread
Bartered ease to be ever safe
Warriors walk in the night
A thirst for silence and serenity
Chaos and clamour decreasing
Looking for tranquility so elusive
Morning's memories fleeting
My deliverance slumbers again...

The Lull Of War

For most it is a horror
Traumatic and unvoiced
Because its dilemma made
Is comparision to home
Said as back in the world
A place full of rules and norms
Where judgments are trivial
Bountiful for living in peace
So many expectations
Commitments so important
That make the mundane
A little more bearable
But in warfare they are few
Most important to stay alive
At least for a while
For others, for self
A place where carnage reigns
In a land of unknowns
Where there is only today
No guarantees for tomorrow
The pain, it goes away
The only curse worse than it
Is the numbing, aching
Anxiously wishing it to end
It is a dark and austere cloak
That drapes over the land
A canopy to hide from God
The slain and bloody hands
There is no plan to retire
Only to gain repose in earth
Its muting soil deafening
The clamour of conflict
Here is the pension gained
Living day to day accursed
Knowing one will be the last
Praying it comes quick
There is no place now
In a world that turned on
The pages have changed
The book now read is closed
So then now consider this
A plea to comprehend
Why if we do come back
There is only time to return
Comrades, look not back
Walk the path of living light
A trail of hope unceasing
Death can await its time

Passing On

Why should sorrow overtake
A celebration of a lifetime
The spanse of one's days
Experiences and emotions
The joys of living priority
Their memories cherished
That outlast a lifespan
And pass on age to age
A man may live eons thusly
Long after all he knew are gone
Generations forgot the name
But not the humanity shared
So the tears should be of joy
Sharing smiles and stories
Giving wisdom to live on
Intangable treasures immortal
A life lived
Lived well
Lived long
Wait for me, I am coming too...

Lofty Lowly Servants

The king wears a crown
The pope wears a meiter
A king is a self-guided ruler
A pope, a lowly shepherd
Though attired in lofty gown
Hope, the prospective lighter
The king is the fooler
The pope is the wiser
One is high, so to stumble
The other, lowly and humble
Majestic might so far, so very dear
The other so distant, yet ever so near
Humility is the realm of regality
Kindness given graciously
Not of station or vocation
Seen beyond all intention
By God's goodness for man
Given unceasingly so we understand

Equirythmnic Pontification

Equirythmnic insemination
Perpetualistic frustration
Pseudophakic interpretation
Egocentric aspiration
Acephalic infarcation
Incoherent excrementation
Dyslogic lamentation
Prognostic factorization
Unlauded celebration
Whimpering castration
Behavioral inclination
Futuristic fascination
Pessimistic situation
Daily doleful domination
Truth's tried innialation
Prevarifications continuation
Equirythmnic reservation
Mediocritous mediation
An id's idolic investigation
Redundant replication
Pointless descernation
Equidesultic translation
Calamitous despiration
Monikered beatification
Narcissistic collaboration

Fanciful Fairies

Dancing as though fairies
In the day's dying light
Celebration in golden yellows
The grass guilded in splendor
They dance about in rhythms
Pulsating plumed particulates
Orbiting in a shared attraction
Positive and negative reactions
Nucleic actions in opposition
The universal energy dynamic
Such magnificence adorned
In sparking webbed garlands
Shining beneath soothing sun
Simplicity in such complexity
Savoring serenely the composition
The gleaming rays dance about
A glistening carpet glows on all
The earth forgets the season
For a short interlude glorious
A regally brillant buzzing ball
But then anon reclaims itself
When the sun saunters off
To awaken afar another world
Slumbering here, cooling still
Frigid breezes rapid return
The blues and greys arrive
They spill over and out
Darkness fills the wispy air
And winter again reclaims
It's rightful rigid royal throne
Monarch of the meager months

Dawning Doldrum

In each night's shadow
And the peering morn
In dark and silent hours
Lies a world of reckoning
Where deeds undone
Perchance yet unnamed
Come for reconciliation
Phantom dispositions
Deep in the chasms
The depths of uncertainties
Where mortal limits lack
Where no solutions lie
No resolutions await
Feeling a forlorn loss
Inspecific, perhaps inane
Never yet to know
A land of broken dreams
Awakening dissolves
Dissipating an escape
Erasing an answer
How could death be so bad
If sleep is so desired
Though evading its clutches
To find one last answer
Defeating a reconcilation
A wonderment to return
From a realm surreal
To a kingdom of real
Deemed to be the best
And so too unknown
Why is eternal peace
So duly dreaded
The transience of life
Is unmistakable
Suffering ended
In a single gasp
The pains, the sorrows
Ceasing in ambiguity
Anonymity's featureless
And timeless realm

The Standard's Silence

Beneath the nation's standard
In silent shared reverence
Intimate moments shared
Its snapping, spinning furls
Swept by breeze's broom
The slipping and popping
A respectful reserved rapport
To touch the lightened mast
A moment's tactile communing
Reaffirming those reasons
Of their sacrifices made
That stay in every breath
Even in the banner's lull
In every shine or shower
Symbol of freedom's might
That cannot be destroyed
The fleeting misunderstand
Beyond the ignorance of man
Beyond the shadow of tyrants
Of hatred's choking blanket
And the shrouds of genocide
Yes, even in smiles or sorrow
Or chronic aches and pains
Through trials and tribulations
And on that final rite's salute
Cloaked in farewell parting
Earned by those who once were
And always will ever be
Freedom always reigns

No Man's Land

Strewn about a pock-marked land
Snaking, divots, craters kept
As if immense doodle bugs been
Their lairs of dark dire doom
Filled and smoothed with time
Trenchlines they once were
Now only rusty fragments lie
Such important evidentary lines
Created by casted earth and bunkers
The once mud-laden soil abounding
Where vermin and stench stayed
Friend and foe fragmented, fallen
Now sleep beneath a thick pall
A green carpet that mutes all
Trees now shadow emptiness
Once clear cut grazing fire
Their scions stomped in by men
The grim reader's full harvest
Brutal war ensures a bounty
The blood and tear soaked earth
Cold, wet earth, known unkind
No more armed rapport
Nor the ground aerated by shell
Turned by bursting plowshare
Deep furrows no more
Nor cries, moans, or sweat
Now everything is but silence
All hostile priorities forgotten
Here lost in no man's land