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Let me hold you,
Feeling lost here without you...
Let me hold you,
Running right here without you...
Cause I know
I give my life and my all
To be with you...

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No Place Like London

I have sailed the world, beheld its wonders
From the Dardanelles
To the mountains of Peru
But there's no place like London!
I feel home again
I could hear the city bells ring
Whatever I would do
No, there's no place—
No, there's no place like London
[Anthony (spoken)]
Mr. Todd?
You are young
Life has been kind to you
You will learn
It is here we go our separate ways. Farewell, Anthony. I will not soon forget the good ship Bountiful, nor the young man who saved my life.
[Beggar woman]
Alms! Alms!
For a miserable woman
On a miserable chilly morning
Thank you, sir, thank you
'Ow would you like a little muff, dear
A little jig jig
A little bounce around the bush?
Wouldn't you like to push me parsley?
It looks to me, dear
Like you got plenty there to push
Alms! Alms!
For a pitiful woman
Wot's got wanderin' wits...
Hey, don't I know you, mister?
[Todd (spoken)]
Must you glare at me, woman? Off with you, off I say!
[Beggar woman]
Then 'ow would you like to
Split me muff, mister?
We'll go jig jig
A little—
[Todd (spoken)]
Off, I said! To the devil with you!
[Beggar woman]
Alms! Alms!
For a desperate woman...
[Anthony (spoken)]
Pardon me, sir, but there's no need to fear the likes of her. She's just a half-crazed beggar woman. London's full of them.
There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it
And its morals aren't worth what a pig would spit
And it goes by the name of London
At the top of the hole sit the privileged few
Making mock of the vermin in the lower zoo
Turning beauty into filth and greed, I too
Have sailed the world and seen its wonders
For the cruelty of men is as wondrous as Peru
But there's no place like London!

Rhineland (Heartland)

Life, life is alright on the Rhine
No, but I know, but I long
I don't know why
Why would I want to go
Now that there's nowhere to go
I was home


Being so alike, we've had many fights... But even through lonesome days, you were always there.

I wanted so desperately to understand you... so I thought I'd mostly figured you out... But as those days threatened to fade, I found myself merely chasing after you.

Ah... as day after day repeats, the darkness assails mercilessly—I still can't laugh it off the way you do...

An unfading mirage, born from the heat of those days, Made a flower bloom deep within my heart. A bright future is still out of sight... What on Earth should I do about this feeling?

I want to touch that world I once dreamed of—If I stay with you, will I finally be able to change? I want to put a stop to these quivering hands! I want to always... I want to always be by your side!

An unfading mirage, born from the heat of those days...

Have Mercy On Me

How Can Anyone Be So Lame
Don't Wanna RnR
Don't Wanna Entertain
Oh Lord Oh Lord Have Mercy Mercy On Me
An Exorcism Will Set Me Free
Oh Lord Oh Lord Have Mercy On Me
An Exorcism Please Let Me Be
Oh Lord Oh Lord Please Set Me Free
Pleased To See The Devil In Me
An Eerie Feeling Inside Of Me
Oh Lord Oh Lord It Wants To Break Free
An Evil Spirit Inside Of Me
Oh Lord Oh Lord It Wants To Break Free