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In Parting

After one but before the next,
In a tree where new life writhed and flexed
Two birds emerged to hold the world
And grow from feeble talons curled
But fate would see them part that day
As lightning cut their branch away
By winds to distant places sent
Almost as if it all had meant
That though their bloodied wounds would fade,
They'd wonder where their brother lay
For every day from that day on
They'd wait to hear a certain song
In vain, for years, thought one was strong
And one was not, for far too long
Until his bones and thoughts were old,
And feathers burnt and lost and cold
The stronger of the two could see
A distant bird, how weak was he
In drawing near but knowing not,
Just who he was, or why, or what
The stronger talons tore at flesh
And stripped away that feathered mess
And all without a sound or cry,
Or even ever knowing why
Yet as the sun began to sink
He seemed to sense, he seemed to think
That soon his brother might appear
From somewhere close, from somewhere near
Convinced this was his brother's fate,
Above his corpse, he sat... to wait

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Thy Darkened Shade

Numinous sigils carved, the path of Nod is paved
Qayin marks mirroring black seas engraved
Within the chambers of chthonian mysteries
I inscribe paragon's torch victories

Casting the shadowraiths amidst the midnight sun
To evolve into the empyreal Adramelek's son
The passage of death's apex, thy solemn moonlight portal

Gathering the hiss of my dreams to echo the immortal
Naamah revealed the foresight of my oneirisms
I will perpetually heed Her voiceless yells

Triumph for the Azoth self
Triumph for the Azoth self

The holes in black universe consume
Feasting upon the blood of my chalice
The salvation of souls within the black abyss
The epitome of divine bliss
Abide in thee, the eerie one, who divulges the lore
Who transforms the soul within the endless deeps
May thine insight unveil death's mysteries
The universe B keys
Exalting my acosmic spirit towards thy tower

As the all-seeing-eye abolishes the illusion
It is for thee mighty Belphegor that I bleed
Father of deliverance

To descend into the Dragon's mouth
I cast down the olam asiyah non-essence
Thy fiery gaze I pray to bless, those few that are awakened

And when the servants of Kali are drowned in chaotic whirlings
I assemble upon his throne amongst the firmament of no stars

Manifest keeper of the crossroads
In the grounds where the dead lie
And from which they rise again

Triumph for the Azoth self
Triumph for the Azoth self

Hasten upon the phantom chasms
And the cursed soil the divine spectres spurns
In the crossroads I offer thee, child of the grave
Unveiling the secret that leads in the ophidian lake

Leviathan's mighty dominion expunged the world's vibration
The tail unloose and the passage guides through liberation

Raven wings devolve the path of the ancient one
The astral rite emanates aside the black water flood
In the vast abyss drowned insincere light infidels
Relinquish all borders and axioms divine shine bearers
The hydra lurks in the depths of chasms
Her name echoes typhonian phantasms
In the lake of Lerna engulf the souls towards Hades
Her light is for those who awake their shades
I am infinite, in the foulness of true self
It is my wyrd that I am bound to assert

And I pulsate ahrimanic hearts for Tanin'iver's key
Dissolving ego's unclean spawns
I am the sons of suns, unified within one
Communion SaTaNinsam, I become none

Thus spake SamaeLilith:
Eliminate the archon worlds
Eliminate the kernel of stasis
To inhale the sinister prana endlessly
And stand upon my promethean throne, the ending endeavor



Bam Barum barum Barum Barum
barum barum barum barum
Bam Bam Bam bam baaaaaaa...
du hast ne krise
ne fiese friese
und dein laune die ist mau
du und die ische sind kleine fische
und was ihr sagt juckt keine sau
der kleine grüne hanswurst
probiert opposition
ohne mumm ohne schwung null ideen
da lachen selbst die sozen
und mutti sowieso
denn die alte die klaut eure Themen
und wenn ein wurstgesicht
vom klimawandel spricht
dann kommst du kleiner zausel
und du stichst (nicht nicht)
der kleine grüne hanswurst
probiert opposition
ohne mumm, ohne biss, null ideen
ihr seid phlegmatisch
ziemlich apatisch
wo ist die kraft aus alten tagen
stumm wie ein buntbarsch
vom sitzen wundarsch
warum denn immer nur verzagen
der kleine grüne hanswurst
so bav wie ein wauwau
ohne mumm ohne schwung, null ideen
du bist kein grosser redner
und auch nicht (b'sonders schlau)
ohne Mumm, ohne schwung, null ideen !
Bam barum Barum barum barum baaaa...

Girl in Black

Girl in black, I see you there
Dancing with another
Why not me or someone else
Must it be my brother?
I watch your every move
They're so long and fine
Eye's flashing tenderly
But not in line with mine
Girl in black, move closer now
I see you dance before me
I walk across and steer your way
But you still ignore me
What must I do for you
To make you leave him there?
He plays around, he teases you
I know he doesn't care
Girl in black, you've come to me
Now we dance together
Girl in black, I hope and pray
We can dance forever
Girl in black, come to me
Girl in black, come to me
Girl in black, come to me

Das Solidaritätslied

Vorwärts und nicht vergessen,
worin unsere Stärke besteht!
Beim Hungern und beim Essen,
vorwärts und nie vergessen:
die Solidarität!

1. Auf ihr Völker dieser Erde,
einigt euch in diesem Sinn,
daß sie jetzt die eure werde,
und die große Näherin.


2. Schwarzer, Weißer, Brauner, Gelber!
Endet ihre Schlächterei!
Reden erst die Völker selber,
werden sie schnell einig sein.


3. Wollen wir es schnell erreichen,
brauchen wir noch dich und dich.
Wer im Stich läßt seinesgleichen,
läßt ja nur sich selbst im Stich.


4. Unsre Herrn, wer sie auch seien,
sehen unsre Zwietracht gern,
denn solang sie uns entzweien,
bleiben sie doch unsre Herrn.


5. Proletarier aller Länder,
einigt euch und ihr seid frei.
Eure großen Regimenter
brechen jede Tyrannei!

Vorwärts und nicht vergessen
und die Frage konkret gestellt
beim Hungern und beim Essen:
Wessen Morgen ist der Morgen?
Wessen Welt ist die Welt?