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Soon as I get home

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Dear baby, it's me again, stuck inside this max pen
Tryna pay my debt for all my sins
See, these penitentiary times be so heavy on my mind
At times it's like I'm livin' just to die
I'm livin' in hell, stuck in my jail cell
Stranded in the county jail, waitin' for my chance to post bail
I wanna be paid in large stacks and mash in fast Jags
I blast and wonder 'How long will I last?'
My memories fade when I'm intoxicated
Bustas are shady so I'm dumpin' on cowards crazy whenever faded
I know I said it all before, but now I mean it
Visions of me and you ballin', so crystal clear I seen it
Even though you mad at me, you'll be glad to see the strategy
Of makin' these chips come so easily
I max out in the morning, baby, life is good
Me and you against the whole hood – soon as I get home
[Hook: 2Pac]
Grab my straps, locate my comrades
Let's get my enemies not knowin' I'm comin' back
Soon as I get home
Go get the money out the safe
It's time to turn the streets into a war zone
Soon as I come home
[Verse 2: 2Pac]
Sittin' here lookin' at pictures of me and you livin'
But now you out in the world, while I'm twistin' in prison
Love letters come daily, words of affection
You send me money and nude pictures, beggin' for some sexin'
Stay wide open, keep your eyes peeled
And my advice is 'Keep it real or you can die squeelin'.'
Plus, I never had to worry 'bout a visit, ‘cause you're there daily
Guards tryna get your number, you don't dare tell me
Tongue-kissin', steady humpin', tryna touch up somethin'
Before the C-O in the corner jump in, frontin'
Late night reminiscin', everybody's quiet
I think something's in the air, prepare for the riot
It's padlocks in my socks, steel from the bed springs
I touch 'em with thug love and then let they heads ring
I started a war but now I'm gone
Release me to the streets in the mornin', it's on soon as I get home
[Hook: 2Pac]
Grab my gats, locate my comrades
Let's get my enemies not knowin' I'm comin' back
Let's get my money out the safe
It's time to turn the streets into a war zone
Soon as I get home
[Verse 3: Yaki Khadafi]
Since you've been gone
My whole life's been like a game of Cee-low
Thinkin' big, like the kid from Casino
Fulfillin' my dreams like Nino
Brown, the whole town be shook up
And me and Mama survivin'
Depends on how many rocks a nigga cook up
Narcotics got traffic, seen those niggas you blasted
Wantin' me in a casket, on a ground, kind of plastic
Yeah, nigga, I heard, Lil' Mu gave the word
You get paroled on the third, it's all love
We out here frontin', still here but all about nothin'
But double O's is what I'm wantin'
And I'm tryna see somethin' that we ain't never had
Luxury life, results livin' bad
Tricks of the trade, shit that shoulda been taught by Dad
But learned through the crew
Lessons between me and you
And once we lock this shit down it ain't a thing they can do
Meanwhile I stay waitin' by the phone
Hopin' I'll get a call tellin' a nigga that you home
[Hook: 2Pac *repeats until end*]
Grab the gats, locate my comrades
Let's get my enemies not knowin' I'm comin' back
Go get my money out the safe
It's time to turn the streets into a war zone
Soon as I get home

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Incidious Indifference

Men speak of censorship
In lofty means of defense
To bring back your memory
So they may find absolution
For evil in themselves
A fascination totalitarian
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Und du ackerst, und du säst,
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Und du hämmerst, und du spinnst,
Sag, o Volk, was du gewinnst?

Wirkst am Webstuhl Tag und Nacht,
Schürfst im Erz- und Kohlenschacht,
Füllst des Überflusses Horn
Füllst es hoch mit Wein und Korn.

Doch wo ist dein Mahl bereit?
Doch wo ist dein Feierkleid?
Doch wo ist dein warmer Herd?
Doch wo ist dein scharfes Schwert?

Alles ist dein Werk! O sprich,
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Jon Doe

[Verse 1]
I make it on the humble, it's marvelous
Sippin fine wine and Champagne
Smokin cannabis, poor folks don't understand this
Helicopter rides, first class airline flights
50 pairs of Nike's, two gold mics
A spot in the hills to stash all my bills
Givin hookers chills, like ice water drippin down their back
I stack paper like flapjacks
Macs to protect what I earn
My pocket hold the safe combination
To the great paper Chase, gettin money
I learned as a youth from a drug dealer with a gold tooth
I was the lookout on the project roof
A little shorty out to make somethin outta himself
Get the wealth put it on the shelf right next to the silver spoon
I never had growin up, what's luck?
I never met him, and if I met him, I wouldn't sweat him
I'd be out to get him, probably wet him, stick him up
Take his whole cash flow
What I gotta do to be Jon Doe?
Jon Doe, middle name money
Cream in abundance, thousands of hundreds
Cash rules, God's seek the twelve jewels
I get 40 below so call me Jon Doe
[Verse 2]
Everything I desire requires cream
This American dream is a nightmare in disguise
Nice guys finish last
No surprise, Life is one big mean streak
I seek the fortune comes the coffin very often
So I gotta gets mine legal
Look out for my niggas with the root of all evil
Push comes to shove I rise above nonsense with material
Made it this long it's a miracle
Whip yourself into shape, get up and fight for yours
Die for yours, kill for yours, lie for yours
Put your paws on the money like the dog you are
Do it for your moon and your star
Cause life is a three-ring circus and I ain't no clown
I don't find nothin funny livin without money
Gimme the wetbacks the green, the cream, the gusto
What I gotta do to be Jon Doe?
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3]
See that greenback, got my name on it
Doggone it, I want it
All and then some, and love wet income like I love redrum
Everybody wan heaven, I wan dough 24/7
365 annual with the manual instructions
Directions for corruptions, what's your function?
Save the dumb shit for Jim Carrey, and the Real Love for Mary
I go on and on like interest, 5% everyday
Gotta be payday, no time to slack
Keep the monkey off your back
Fight for your stack swing like a new jack
Why? Cause life said so
Do what you gotta do to be Jon Doe
[Chorus x2]

What if I Never Get Over You

It's supposed to hurt, it's a broken heart
But to movin' on is the hardest part
It comes in waves, the letting go
But the memory fades, everybody knows
Everybody knows
What if I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in that last goodbye?
And what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
Maybe months go by, maybe years from now
And I meet someone and it's workin' out
Every now and then, he can see right through
'Cause when I look at him
Yeah, all I see is you
What if I'm tryin', but then I close my eyes
And then I'm right back, lost in that last goodbye?
And what if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?
What if I never get over you?
Ooh yeah
What if I never get over?
What if…