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PAW Patrol (OST) - Paw Patrol Intro (German) text lyrics

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Paw Patrol Intro (German)

Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol
Ruft uns und wir kommen
Hat irgendjemand ein Problem sieht man sie schon springen
Ryder und sein Hunde Team sie werden Hilfe bringen
Marshall, Rubbel, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye
Wir eilen flink herbei
Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol
Wir lösen schwere Fälle
Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol
Und sind ganz schnell zur Stelle
Kein Job ist zu groß kein Hund ist zu klein
Paw Patrol wir greifen ein
Da sind wir schon
Paw Patrol
Woah oh oh
Paw Patrol

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Wie sehn uns wieder

Still der Gesang des Abschieds
Leise die Tränen der Nacht
Kalt ist der Wind, die Trauer beginnt
der Winter erwacht

Schweige nun, banges Sehnen
Schweige und klag nicht dein Leid
Trauer vergeht, vom Winde verweht
Erinnerung bleibt

Wir sehen uns wieder
Gewiss irgendwann
In meinen Träumen
Sind wir zusammen
Und eines Tages
Folge ich dir
Wir sehen uns wieder
Weit weg von hier
Wir sehen uns wieder
Ich folge dir

Möge das Glück erinnern
Seine Versprechen bewahren
Hält es sein Wort, so holt es mich fort
Und in deinen Arm

Wir sehen uns wieder
Gewiss irgendwann
In meinen Träumen
Sind wir zusammen
Und eines Tages
Folge ich dir
Wir sehen uns wieder
Weit weg von hier
Wir sehen uns wieder
Ich folge dir

Honyuu no Yado "Home Sweet Home"

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may room, 
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. 
A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there, 
Which, seek thro' the world, is ne'er met with 
Home! home! sweet, sweet home; 
There's no place like home, there's no place like 

Demise and Kiss

I dig inside of your mind
I bring your soul
Drown in the sea
Feeling like having fear of you
I take you out from you
Enter your side
Your empty heart
You stand, hold it and walk alone

You and I both have seen the same old view
Although I doubt things in sight
Close your eyes tonight
There's one more sign
Please show us the way
Endless pain can't refuse to see

Away from me
You can't share me
Feeling close your eyes
Don't look at me inside of all
Come close to me
Come close to say to you
I wake you up slowly now
Demise is counting down

Breathe, I can't breathe
My hungs are freezing now
You're always close to touch of dying
Breathe, I can't breathe cause my hungs freeze
Fall to the ground
I'm always close to you to call

Demise and kiss
I found the way to you
I dig inside of your mind
Liberate your soul
Struggle in the sea
Feeling like having fear of you

To the end
It's up to you
I will keep your hands and hold your soul

Two as one
I finally see what you've become to me
With open arms I'll wait for you
Two as one just come with me

Time never stops
It's up to us
Time never stops
You must be facing the truth
Now I feel like I'm stuck in your sight
We will not be saparated
Now I feel like I am stuck in your sight

Can I stay?

What happens when you fall in love
with the wrong guy?
In the beginning he makes you smile,
and in the end he makes you cry.
She met this boy and fell for him
but it all happened way too fast,
she was worried and had doubts
but always hoped they would last.
Unfortunately, he was a pathological liar,
and her dreams never came true.
She knew she had to forget those dreams,
but she couldn't give up on them, too.
She started feeling useless and pathetic,
thought nobody would ever care again.
Gave up on herself when he gave up on her,
she hadn't felt this bad since she was ten.
Little did she know someone did love her.
This guy that she calls her best friend,
has always been there by her side
and thinks that her heart he can mend.
He is wonderful, so she gives them a chance
but she doesn't feel the same way.
He loves her way too much to let her go,
he hurts a lot but he stays anyway.
He makes her smile and laugh,
but she's still in love with the wrong guy
who remembered her once again
and confessed he doesn't want to say goodbye.
She's convinced and goes back to him,
to explain why, she writes a long letter,
she's sorry for leaving her partner,
she thinks the letter will make it better.
''Why did you leave like that?
I wanted to give you the whole damn sky,
I'd do anything to please you,
yet you chose the guy that makes you cry.
But if he can make you happy,
maybe that's the way it should be.
I am happy for you, even if that means,
you will soon forget about me.''
After a while she realizes her mistake,
she no longer believes in fate.
She prays for a second chance
but she is afraid it's already too late.
She knocks on his door again and again
he opens the door and looks in her eyes.
She's standing there, outside his house,
she shivers, she apologizes, she cries.
''I know I don't deserve someone like you,
I broke your heart and it's not okay,
but I realized that I really do love you,
so tell me please, can I stay?''