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Angel Dust

Fly Away

For me and I
Live seems so hard at all
Not even worth a dime
Need to do some kind of crime
I'm looking up
To a high command
But watching you tears me in two
To sell myself I got to do
There's no return now
If I want to go my way
To leave this life of a dying man
I would sell my soul to anyone
Here I am, an eternal slave
I will do what you like
I will be at your side - I'm alright
I would die to be your friend
Fly away to the other side
Fly away to the point of entry
Fly away to what's so high above
Will you establish me
In your company?
Oh please
I'll be forever yours
Seems I am none, but I'm sure I'll be one
There's a place for me too
Just tell me what to do

I Need You

I need you
I'll lead you
I'll thrill you
I'll kill you
I'll lead you out of the night
That once has fallen upon us
Revenge for the stab with a dagger
Right into our shieldless back
Do you agree when I say expulsion?
Do you agree to wipe them out?
Do you mind the voice of the world?
Or will you follow each command?
One heart, one soul
One man to lead you into your
Salvation, domination
We can rule the world forever
I need you - like the air I'm breathing day by day
I'll lead you - my lambkins, my dear children
I'll thrill you - I'm the twilight of the gods
I'll kill you - as I will die for you
Now you believe every word I say
Now you're puppets in my hands
Do you remember, I'd asked you once
If you will follow me even into death
Now, here's your ultimate chance
To take your oath, you've sworn on me
Don't pray to God for he is dead
A new Messiah has captured your minds
One folk, one lord
One man to lead you into your
Salvation, extermination
We will change the world forever
I'm your leader, I'm your lord

Border of Reality

I'm trying to think
But I can't catch my thoughts
Confusion is reigning my mind
The void in your word
Should cause me to fear
The coldness is getting near
Clear my eyes
Let me see
I'm going to lose my aim
Show me the sense
The propecies are raining, down from the sky
But answers are not to be found
The longing for something that we cannot find
Uncovers our fatal disguise
Clear my eyes
Let me see
I'm going to lose my aim
Show me the sense
Let me fall
Let me dream - of beauty and truth
Let me feel
Let me see - the border of reality
Now that we all have perceived our fate
Reality lies and the lie lives in me
Is it all over or will it go on
I'm sure we have nothing to fear

The Human Bondage

Out of my darkness it's rising in me
Discovers the feelings hidden so deep
I lose myself
Affection for sadness and longing for pain
I is dividing - deciphers the madness
I lose myself
Oh - The human bondage
No way to control it
I have to obey
Just can't deny it - so deep inside me
I lose myself
My personal demon is linking the shades
I could never see
Now I know who I am
I see myself
Oh - The human bondage
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I am you
Oh - The human bondage